UPS Systems

RD SERIES (10 to 20 KVA UPS) UPS Systems

RD SERIES (10 to 20 KVA UPS)

RD SERIES (10 to 20 KVA UPS) UPS Systems

RD-M9900 series are cost effective solution for desktops, point-of-sale equipment with the ability to cut energy costs. It features the connection of extended battery modules for maximum run-time and premium backup of your professional and enterprise-grade servers, storage and networking equipment.

Best solution for the applications in Enterprise and distributed IT, telecom, retail, banks, IDF, offices, small business, long run-time needs.

Advanced DSP and 3-level technology

Output power factor 1.0

Active power factor correction (APFC), input power factor up to 0.99

High efficiency 95% (up to 98% in ECO mode)

Advanced digital parallel technology

Wide input voltage range (190 ~ 478 Vac) and frequency range (40 ~ 70 Hz)

Two modes of frequency conversion: 50Hz input/ 60Kz output or 60Hz input/ 50Kz output

Hot swappable battery (10kVA)

Flexible battery configuration (Settable 16 - 20 pcs batteries) Digital controlled charger

High charging current available (Max.10A)

Intelligent battery management, automatic floating / equalizing charge control, charger dormancy control, increasing battery life by 50%.

Ability to switch on the UPS with battery.

Fan speed varies intelligently with temperature, reducing noise and extended its service life

Equipped with self-aging function.

LCD+LED display, multi-functional keys operation, friendly human-machine interface

Powerful background software for parameter configuration

Effective software and hardware protection function, robust self- diagnostic function and abundant event log.

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